An Open Letter to Chapter 10 From Lyall Hakaraia / by In*ter*is*land Collective

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This is an open letter to Chapter 10 and a request for them to change the imagery they are using to advertise their next party in April. The use of the Rapa Nui ( Easter Island ) Moai figures that have been photoshopped into Butt Plug shapes is not appropriate and talks to a lack of understanding of the cultural importance of the figures that are living ancestral treasures. The changing of the figures into these sexualised shapes speaks to a colonial misrepresentation and abuse of other people and I know that we all want to move beyond this. 

I have made this a letter open as it is good for us to talk openly about matters of race and oppression so that we all consider the sensitivity around the use of cultural imagery and especially from those cultures that we do not inhabit. Last year I stood with the people of Rapa Nui when they asked the British Museum for their stolen moai back and the outpouring of grief for their missing family member was heartbreaking. Perhaps a year ago I would not have written this letter and would not have thought twice about the imagery, but I have had the chance to grow and learn and hope that Chapter 10 is able to do the same. 

There is no malice or anger behind this request only to point out an error that can be fixed and for us to all stand in solidarity with the many diverse and extraordinary cultures that we share Papatuanuku (the earth) with. 

Magic Making 


 Lyall Hakaraia


Creative Director VFD
UK Promoter at large for Briefs Factory / 
Founding member / Inter-Island Collective / MOKU Pacific Arts HQ /

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