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ATA | VĀSA Reflections of an Ocean - Pacific Sisters

Pacific Sisters – Toi Art Gallery Opening – ActiVAtion – Te Papa Museum 2018

Saturday 28 September, 1pm Director: Pākē Salmon Duration: 8 minutes  Country: Aotearoa, New Zealand (2019)

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 11.39.32.png

In March 2018, Te Papa Tongarewa, The Museum of New Zealand, opened the Toi Art Gallery, a space for the display of art from Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

This short documentary, by Pākē Salmon, marks the opening activations by the Pacific Sisters for Toi Art and their own first major retrospective – Pacific Sisters:  Fashion Activists | Pacific Sisters: He Toa Tāera 

Pacific Sisters is a ground-breaking collective of Pacific and Māori artists, designers, performers and musicians who in the 1990’s marked the presence of a New Zealand born generation of creatives and new urban narratives in Auckland.

The Pacific Sisters are Lisa Reihana, Rosanna Raymond, Ani O’Neill, Suzanne Tamaki, Selina Haami, Niwhai Tuapaea, Henzart@Ah-foo Taripo, Feeonaa Wall and Jaunnie ‘Ilolahia. 

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