Image: Ihaka Tunui

Image: Ihaka Tunui

Ko Māmaru te waka | Ko Tikawe te maunga | Ko Waiwhao te awa | Ko Waimahana te marae | Ko Ngāti Kahu te iwi | Ko Aukiwa te hapū | Ko Peta-Maria Tunui taku ingoa. Peta-Maria is of Māori/Pakehā fusion, eldest of six, total kiwi kid, reclaiming her identity as a wahine Māori. With a love of words, and their power to create – pictures, clarity, emotion, truth - writing poetry is her way to discover, express and accept her own voice in a moment of time.

Rānana / Escape / Re-Entry,  Performance, 2019, Image: ©2018 Crystal Te Moananui Squares

Rānana / Escape / Re-Entry, Performance, 2019, Image: ©2018 Crystal Te Moananui Squares

EXHIBITION Mana Moana | Mana Wahine, May 2019 Raven Row, London

Rānana / Escape / Re-Entry, Performance, 2019 Opening Event: Monday 13 May Peta-Maria reads about her experience and disconnection, the nourishment of the sea and the relief of home.

Closing Event: Saturday 18 May A collection of her favourite poems from the previous readings and something new reflecting on the exhibition Mana Moana | Mana Wāhine.

PERFORMANCE Oceania: TANGATA MOANA, July 2019 Musee du Quai Branley, Paris

Manaaki, Performance, 2019 Manaaki is an exploration of identity and dignity expressed in the context of relationship, Vanessa Robinson and Salvador Brown bring life to this piece through the sacred sounds of the poi, and taonga puoro.

The World gone Menstrual, Performance 2019 The World Gone Menstrual mourns the loss of cultural knowledge and connection through colonisation, how it affects the way we understand ourselves, our world, and the struggle to reclaim it. Backed by a looping soundtrack of the ocean, compiled by Ariana Davis, this poem is anchored in the strength and hope that lies of one of our greatest treasures and connectors – Te Moananui a Kiwa, the Pacific Ocean.  The poem was written in response and reflection of the Mana Moana | Mana Wāhine exhibition at Raven Row in London, May 2019.

Tihei Mauri Ora, Performance 2019 Tihei Mauri Ora re-tells the Māori creation story of the first wahine (woman) and the origin life giving breath, the hongi.   Tihei Mauri Ora presents a narrative through whakatauki (proverbs) and tauparapara (chants), in the form of stylised contemporary haka bringing physicality to the whakapapa (geneaology) of the atua (gods) and Papatuanuku (the earth mother).  Taonga Pūoro (treasured sound) frames our storytelling, a celebration of interconnectedness between all life, the progeny of Papatuanuku, which is carried in our breath and presents itself in our sacred greeting, the Hongi.

hONgi, (written by Jo Walsh 2013) Performance 2019 This audience participative performance was originally written for SaVAge SEAnce: An Invitation to Activate Your Ancestry for Hostings12: Ghost-dance II in 2013. hONgi was re-activated for QAGOMA’s APT8 in Brisbane and will take on another form in collaboration with Peta Maria Tunanui & TANGATA MOANA.  

E noho nei au (by Che Wilson 2006), Performance, 2019 This moteatea is a chant written in ancient waiata form specifically for the Maori taonga currently displayed in the Enlightenment Gallery at the British Museum, London. The words of ‘E noho nei au’ were displayed as part of the British Museum exhibition ‘Power and Taboo: Sacred objects from the eastern Pacific’ in 2006. ‘E noho nei au’ translates to ‘Waiting for Warmth.