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vā // relational space between all things in the world
tagatavāsa // peoples of the oceans, of sacred relational spaces
teu le vā, tauhi vā, vahā loto mahani mitaki // cherish the vā
tā // to beat, strike, mark, form, marking time, rhythm, pace, tempo
20/20 // visual acuity of 20/20 is considered “perfect vision”

In*ter*is*land Collective wanted to explore, engage and traverse connections in tā and vā (time and space) in 2020.

We did this as we needed a way to connect again too.


We were all impacted in some way by the new reality of being in a global pandemic, the precarity, scarcity, sadness, grief, loneliness that it inhabited and the sinister presence of racial inequality more violent and overt than ever before.

In sending out the above provocation on social media we were privileged to receive a number of responses from creatives based all around the world.

From a base of both London and Aotearoa, we began to curate this digital space for 20 artists which actively prioritised tagata Moana and BIPOC artists and their creations.


We gift you a version of 2020, as seen through the eyes of these artists - and we thank them all for their time, energy and vulnerability.

Artists featured in the exhibition are >>

Anne-Marie Te Whiu

Te Ataraiti Waretini

Barbara Mukoda

Hana Pera Aoake

Hanalee Vaike

jordyn awatea

Joshua Fay

Leilani Kake

Afatasi The Artist

Natasha Ratuva

Virtual Shadow Ensemble

Peta-Maria Tunui

Irihipeti Waretini & Bella Waru


Ceelah Joy


Tobi Adebajo

Sulieti Fieme’a Burrows & Tui Emma Gillies

Vanessa Marjoribanks

Jimena Pardo

Monuina, ia manuia, kia ora and thank you

In*ter*is*land Collective


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