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Ka mua, ka muri // Fuluhi ki tua ke kitia mitaki a mua // I ka wā ma mua ka wā ma hope

<< meditations in Moana Futurism

This short documentary is a time-bending, reimagining of liberated futures for tagata moana through the reflection, storytelling and creative cultural practice of our ancestors.

What does a self-actualised future for tagata Moana look like? How do we re-imagine this future in an infinite present? What does it mean to be a good ancestor?

These questions are explored by the In*ter*is*land Collective both in London and in Aotearoa.

This short documentary will take the shape of stories, sharing food, images, creations and words tethered together by our connections, our vā (relational space between all things) our whenua, our moana.


We are an evolving collective of tagata Moana creatives.

Makers, mothers, dreamers, sisters, artists, aunties and storytellers. We seek to collaborate, teach and learn within our local communities in London and in Aotearoa, embracing and cherishing the vā in all its manifestations, constantly seeking connection among our sea of islands.


This documentary is critical in capturing both the manifestation of collective dreaming for the future and a visual archive of the past as we explore our cultural and ancestral knowledge within our tagata Moana communities and the connections between Aotearoa and in the diaspora.

It is also vital to have tagata Moana capturing this love letter to our ancestors, this will be created by us and with our tagata Moana. This is a unique opportunity to acknowledge the vast and expansive knowledge and a commitment to step backwards into our future - centring our gaze not the past.


This project is significant. We envision this project to not only provide an opportunity for our tagata Moana communities to explore cultural practices but to also develop these for the present and future generations.

There is huge potential to explore and celebrate artists and cultural practitioners that would not often be seen or heard, to engage with communities and continue to explore, challenge and reflect diverse artistic practice.

This will highlight and build communities and connections across the moana.


As a collective, we believe in the power of the collective. The strength that is found in diverse voices, thoughts and engagements and the pooling of resources. We also believe in the strong principal of reciprocity. It is a tenet of tagata Moana’s world view, so we are asking for help in the creation of the project in terms of funding our vision of what collective dreaming of a Moana future could look like.

Your contribution to this documentary will go to:

  • production costs

  • film equipment

  • artists fees

All donors will be kept updated throughout the production and get an onscreen credit!

Monuina! Ia manuia! Mahalo! Kia ora!

>> The In*ter*is*land Collective


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