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Faiba Langwis

Faiba Langwis is a workshop led by Torres Strait fibre artist, traditional weaver and creative practitioner Heneba Gutchen who approaches weaving as a form of communication.

During the session we were guided through basic weaving techniques that lead us in the direction of creating small baskets created from recycled materials and raffia fibres. Gutchen’s Faiba Langwis encouraged an open dialogue to use creativity, communication, problem solving and recycling to combat climate change.

Participants were encouraged to bring along recyclables (plastic bags, onion bags, clean plastic food wrappings and old fabrics) or materials that are ‘flexible and personal to you’ , such as old clothing. These items were then repurposed using traditional Torres Strait techniques, from Gutchen.

Heneba Gutchen’s guidance was inspiring, teaching the group how to repurpose the items brought in to create mates, coasters, rugs, bags, the possibility was endless. Leading conversations on climate change, single use plastics, fast fashion and their effects on te moananui a kiwa, Gutchen made us feel empowered through recycling and repurposing everyday house house hold single use plastics such as plastic bags and mass produced fast fashions.

Image: Ariana Davis


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