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Making Time with Goldwater, Wilson & Krause

Performance artists from two ends of the earth meet in Raven Row to share a performative discussion.


Helena Goldwater (London, UK) Helena’s performances last many hours, often existing as installations, and her paintings can take months to complete – her dedication to process and duration is a way of exploring how concepts can be developed over time, transforming the everyday into an extraordinary act. Helena’s practice immerses her in relation to a space, and is concerned with what is hidden, unseen, and how it is both impacted upon and by a space, through the revelation and /or transformation of materials, using the internal body in relations to the space’s external body.

Leafa Wilson & Olga Krause (Aotearoa, New Zealand)

New Zealand-born Samoan multi-media performance artist Leafa Wilson/ Olga Krause is one of the first experimental performance artists of Pacific descent in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her experime

ntation and hybridised practice of forcing Western art to conform to her nonWestern notions of art tends to move toward a critical interpretation of Western art tropes, art musicians and codification of colours that are part of her own personal and private visual language. Her lifelong work is the performative use the name given to her by her Samoan-born parents, Olga Hedwig Janice Krause. A name she readily slips in and out of: in the ta-vā Polynesian theory of time-space, she is Leafa and Olga and Janice. Each is her and are very real. Being Olga Krause is her endurance work.


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