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PHA - The Gift of the Pacific: Place and Perspective in Pacific History

December 4th - December 6th 2018

The Pacific History Association (PHA) promotes research in and the teaching of Pacific History. Established in 1980 at a conference in Martindale Hall, South Australia, the association holds biennial conferences around the Pacific.

For the first time the 23rd Biennial Conference of the Pacific History Association traveled outside of the Pacific. The conference opened in London at the Royal Academy of Arts to tie into the Oceania exhibition and from there the conference moved to Cambridge for the remaining two days.

In*ter*is*land Collective members Ahilapalapa Rands and Jo Walsh attended the Pacific History Association Conference 2018 through the support of New Zealand Studies Network and the Pacific History Association.

The conference was a jarring mix of well established colonial rhetoric and ground breaking, innovative and archival practice from Pacific experts who had travelled to talk back to the Empire.

You can follow their commentary of the event on twitter via the hashtags

Words and images: Ahilapalapa Rands


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