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Ta'okota'ianga - Parae (Costume) Making Workshop

Ta’okota’inga was led by Tash Vaike, Pacific community leader, founder and Arataki for ‘Beats of Polynesia’. Beats of Polynesia is a Pacific Island dance group that has been running for over 12 years and specialises in Cook Island and Tahitian dance.

The workshop took place over two days focused on the creation of a new collection of parae (costumes) to be worn for performances which were to weave dances from islands, represented in the Pacific Encounters Gallery at the National Maritime Museum, into a medley navigating Te Moananui a Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean) for the opening events and gala receptions from the 19 – 23 September 2018.

The workshop sessions were ‘drop-in’, with many different age groups attended and a full range of skills, crafts and knowledge being exchanged.

Words: Jo Walsh

Images: Crystal Te Moananui-Squares


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