Salote Tawale

Image: Rita Taylor

Image: Rita Taylor

Salote Tawale was born in Suva, Fiji Islands, grew up in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and is now based in Sydney, NSW. Tawale has been a lecturer and tutor in Photomedia and studio practice at Monash, Deakin Universities, the University of Sydney and at the University of New South Wales. Salote has developed and taught various workshops for school and community groups over the past 20 years.

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TALANOA Talanoa Vibes, January 2019 Raven Row, London

Talanoa Vibes with Salote Tawale Using the Moana process of talanoa, our group gathered to explore ideas and experiences of living in the diaspora and our relationships to our turangawaewae. Participants included Ariana Davis, Salote Tawale, Jess Palalagi, Ahilapalapa Rands, Ann-Marie Houng Lee, Ella Grace Newton. This event was support by ACME Studios & the Australian Council for the Arts.

Veibuni , Single channel video, 4:44, 2018, Image: ©2018 Crystal Te Moananui Squares

Veibuni, Single channel video, 4:44, 2018, Image: ©2018 Crystal Te Moananui Squares

EXHIBITION Mana Moana | Mana Wahine, May 2019 Raven Row, London

Veibuni, Single channel video, 4:44, 2018

Veibuni is a love song to Salote’s bubu Seiniana, its title describes their relationship.

This single channel video work fades between imagery of Salote singing a pop/rock ballad by the American band, Cheap Trick, to slow pans of the land in which Seiniana now rests, in the village Nakuruwai.

As in most of her work, Salote re-forms and performs her identity and experience of a translocated Indigeneity, that is, removed from land and separated from traditional practices, and consequently repositioned within Australian immigrant histories.

There is no sound but the viewer is given the lyrics as screen text.