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Episode Whā/Four:

We end at the beginning. 

Our last episode in the Forever Fresh Talanoa series entitled "ReMoanafication" was really the starting point for this journey series across the moanas and mokus as we connected with tagata Moana and shared timespaceplace.  ReMoanafication - the Unity-that-is-All (thanks Uncle Albert) is chatted about by Jaimie Waititi, Ariana Davis and Jessica Palalagi - we ask more questions than we answer as we explore our connections both individual and collective, picking up and reclaiming our narratives along the way.



Talanoa release: around the OIKE MARAMA (25th MAHURU 2021)

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Jaimie (James) Waititi

Born 24.08.1990 (Opotiki)

Maori (Te Whanau a Apanui, Te Rarawa, Ngapuhi) with French Canadian, English, Scottish, American, Norwegian descent.

With an obsession with ancient Maori stories, James is developing an understanding of a time when narratives of humankind were believed to have lived alongside the gods.

James was introduced to these stories through paintings, carvings, weaving and literature at a very young age and continues to find modern methods of storytelling to share this understanding with others; be it through regalia, performance, sound and digital media.

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Ariana Davis (Māori / Pākehā / Hunk Papa Sioux) is an artist and activist originally from Whakatipu (Queenstown), Aotearoa (New Zealand). As well as creating adornments for the body, her current practice lies in exploring and documenting the places her tupuna went, in her ancestral lands of Te Wai Pounamu. This work is a reclamation of the whenua, telling our own stories as we know them and traversing complicated relationships with cultural identity, honouring whakapapa (ancestry) and traditions in the modern world.

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Jessica Palalagi was born in Aotearoa/New Zealand and traces her ancestry to Niue/Nukututaha in Te Moananui a Kiwa and Aberdeen, Scotland.  She has an MA in Art History from Auckland University and is a founding member of In*ter*is*land Collective; a misfit collection of queer, moana artists and activists based around the world. Her artistic focus is born out of the duality of existing in the interstice, the vā, the space between and she constantly seeks meaningful reciprocity in all forms of expression. She is made of the saltiness of all moanas spanning hemispheres, the journeys that her ancestors navigated, the movements of dark to light made by the mahina, the languages that have been lost, the strength of the matriarchs before her and the music of Barry White.

Anne-Marie Te Whiu (Te Rarawa) is a poet, editor, weaver, festival director and currently works at Red Room Poetry. In 2019 she co-edited Solid Air, Australia and New Zealand Spoken Word anthology. She has edited Tony Birch’s forthcoming poetry collection Whisper Songs. Between 2015-2017 she was co-director of the Queensland Poetry Festival. Her poems and essays have appeared in Cordite, Te Whē Journal, Australian Poetry Journal, Sport, Rabbit and Ora Nui amongst others. Her woven piece, Ā-Ē-Ī-Ō-Ū is featured as part of In*ter*is*land Collective's 20:20 // VĀ:WĀ exhibition

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