the billboard works

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This is some of the mahi we are currently working on....

If you want to collaborate, know more, or just hang out then please reach out to us!

Digital and in print
• As 2021 unfolds/unveils
we still are being asked to social distance and explore life through
screens and at a distance – we would like to produce two new works that are billboard size
to place in London and Aotearoa

The concepts for this work are still being confirmed with launch for mid-2021

Digital and in print (with possible in person events)
• We will continue ongoing research into whakapapa / gafa of food within our communities and how food is reflected, interpreted and explored in the diaspora.
• Storytelling and food is an integral way of connecting as tangata moana and we will support the creation of a book which is a collection of recipes and stories and in person events.

The collation of recipes has begun with in person events hopefully starting mid-2021

Our aim is to encourage bi-monthly opportunities to connect to other communities across the globe to expand networks and grow / nurture relationships globally. During these hangouts, we will encourage participants to share experience, knowledge and artistic practice.
• This project will be supported by Contemporary HUM, a digital platform connecting NZ art and artists in the global sphere.
• Future topics proposed: Tagata Moana / Queer Love and HOME: Where is home and how
do we connect to home in the diaspora and stay connected to our communities?

This launched with the first episode in February 2021 with subsequent episodes happening monthly. 


te reo


This project focuses on connecting Tagata Moana in the diasporic community in London to the languages that are spoken and learnt in Aotearoa or the Pacific, we aim to provide new resources for children of Tagata Moana who have been born and raised in the UK.
• Together we will create new narratives through literature: children’s picture books,
educational learning resources, and colouring books.
• The project will be created by artists and art practitioners of Moana descent and will prioritise narratives that will explain cultural practices and expand vocabulary and

These works are in progress and will be released mid-2021.





other exhibitions...................

Digital and in person
• We will use the workshop space at in the gallery to hold a healing space, where members of the community can come and listen to music and engage in the teaching and learning of cultural traditions such as lei making and tivaevae.
• We will also dedicate some of these spaces for tatau, to share a part of this tradition by tagata moana artists based here.

• At present, we would conduct these spaces in line with social distancing and with all government guidelines for COVID-19 – in the UK the current guidelines are 1m distance to
be maintained indoors.
• We would like to livestream these so they can also be viewed digitally.

Some of the work we originally planned to do in 2020 has had to be adapted as we are not able to produce our original ideas given the restrictions in place re: COVID-19.

We are looking at alternative ways to present this work and still dreaming it into existence!

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We continue to work with Paisley Museum in the relaunch of their new Moana gallery for the museum reopening in 2022/23.